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How do Cosmetic Injections Work?

There are several different types of cosmetic injections, and all claim to be able to make you look more beautiful. Does this mean that they all work the same? No. Different injections work in different ways, so which ones are best depends on which specific condition(s) are being targeted.

Some cosmetic injections are used to fill in or plump parts of the face that have become thinner with age. These are known as dermal fillers. They can be used to plump the lips, reduce the appearance of sunken cheeks, highlight cheekbone contours, and otherwise restore or create a youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are also good for filling in deep wrinkles, marionette lines, and enhancing the chin.

Other cosmetic injections are used to reduce wrinkles by forcing the muscles that cause them to relax. Botox injections are the most famous of this type. They are most effective on wrinkles on the forehead, the corners of the mouth, and around the eyes. These wrinkles are formed by the way the muscles behind the skin are held.

For example, scowling causes muscle tension that pulls forehead skin into a contracted state while doing the same around the mouth. Smiling affects different muscles, resulting in wrinkles appearing next to the eyes and mouth. With Botox injections, these muscular contractions are minimized. The skin therefore remains flatter and less wrinkled. When done properly, the injections still leave you with the ability to smile and scowl, but with far less wrinkling effects.

Botox is also used to control excessive sweating under the arms. There, it blocks the body chemical that activates sweating, causing a reduction or cessation of sweat production. This is a popular choice for people who would otherwise have visibly sweaty shirts even when working in an office.

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